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Have you heard that some places in Las Vegas are also famous for this adventurous sport? If not then you can know about all these places on this page.

Why is Las Vegas also one of the world-famous venues for bungee jumping sports? Every year a huge number of crowds come from different countries to Las Vegas. But there are many famous places for this adventurous activity all over the world. It depends on you where you want to go.

If you want to get the experience of falling from a very high height without any fear of death, then you can choose bungee jumping for this adventurous feeling. As we all know, in bungee jumping people jump from a great height with an elastic cord. Most of the bridges, buildings, cranes, and cliffs are chosen as the base used for the leaping.

In Bungee Jumping when a person jumps from the height then that person falls toward the ground with high velocity. Due to the stretching ability in the cord, the person comes up and down until the kinetic energy becomes zero. This is really a thrilling or adventurous part of this activity.

Some Glorious and best places for Bungee Jumping in Las Vegas

Stratosphere, Nevada

At the Stratosphere Tower, you can do many activities and get a good meal in a revolving restaurant. This tower holds the Guinness World Record for the highest commercial decelerator descent with an official height of 829 ft. The Stratosphere is the most famous place for bungee jumping in Las Vegas. Many people come from different countries for bungee jumping in this city of dreams. You can jump from the 108th floor of the tower which is located in the middle of Sin City.

This is the best option for anyone who is doing bungee jumping for the first time and feels hesitant to jump off a cliff. At the time of bungee jumping supporting cables also help you to gently glide down to the ground.

Your experience of bungee jumping in Las Vegas may not be the most authentic experience in your life. But if you are exploring Las Vegas then this activity should be on your list.

Some basic things to keep in mind before you visit Stratosphere

Pricing: You have to pay $129.99 Per Jump (Reduced pricing available to Stratosphere Hotel guests and locals).

Packages: You can also choose different packages, which make you click your picture or make a video for your activity.

  • Photo Package: Jump and Photos at just $134.99
  • Wrist Video Package: Jump, Photos or WristCam only at $154.99

Hours: Opening and closing hours on weekdays and weekends

  • 10 am -1 am | Sunday-Thursday
  • 10am – 2am | Friday-Saturday

Note:- Stratosphere hotel guests and Las Vegas locals, in particular, tend to pay a lower price than visitors.

Restrictions: There are some restrictions on jumper securities. If a person is 14 years of age or older, they can do this activity only with their valid photo ID.

Xtreme Zone Bungee Jumping

Those people who like to bungee jump in different places can also do this activity in Las Vegas. Here you can do the indoor bungee jumping activity in XtremeZone at Circus Circus. They offer indoor bungee trampoline jumps that help you to feel a different Bungee Jumping experience. And the best thing about this activity is that you can make your jump at any time in any season, there is no need to check the weather.

The bungee trampoline is a combination of both traditional bungee jumping and free-falling. In this activity, the jumper wears all safety items and attaches to elastic cords, that anchor to the vertical lift poles and move at high speeds as the vertical height increases. You can feel free to perform all activities such as flips or other acrobatic moves with an excellent range of motion.

Some basic things to keep in mind before you visit Xtreme Zone Bungee Jumping

Pricing: Visitor can purchase an all-day rides pass

  • Regular Pass – $39.95 (48 inches tall or taller)
  • Junior Pass – $19.95 (Under 48 inches tall)

Packages: When you visit this place, you can ask for the different packages which help you to save your money. $2 off on the all-day ride pass Monday to Friday only.

Timing:  All week this place is open for all rides from 10.00 am to 9.00 pm.

Note: You will get the $5 Off Adventuredome for staying at Circus-Circus Hotel as a Guests.

Restrictions: There are some age restrictions for visitors that help to avoid uncertainty.


Many people frequently ask this question, “Can you do a bungee jump in Las Vegas?” This post will help you to get the answer to this question. We all know that Las Vegas is known only for its gambling, shopping, fine dining, entertainment, and nightlife. But here you can learn something different about this beautiful city. This place is also famous for some other adventurous activities like bungee jumping.

Here you can also know where bungee jumping in las vegas. Whenever you plan a trip to Las Vegas or Bungee Jumping. This post will surely help you to bungee jumping at this beautiful and amazing city.