Relive Your Love Story At These Honeymoon Destinations In Asia

Honeymoon Destinations In Asia

We can not describe the beauty of Asia it is not only the biggest continent but also the best and romantic destinations for couples. Here couples can find friendly honeymoon destinations to ultra-luxurious honeymoon packages. Do you want to spend a good time with your life partner but your trip budget holds you back. Asia gives you the opportunity to visit one of the best budget honeymoon destinations less than 1 lakhs in Asia. Here are the best options which make it easy to choose your honeymoon destinations in Asia.

Highlighting Best Honeymoon Destination In Asia


In Southeast Asian country Vietnam is famous for its gushing rivers, bustling cities and wonderful tranquil beaches in Southeast Asia. There are many beautiful places to visit in Vietnam and make it one of the best honeymoon destinations on your budget. Visitor can get all the things easily like staying traveling, eating and many more at a low cost that why it is counted in cheap honeymoon destinations in Asia.

Things to do in Vietnam: Couple really enjoys the best and memorable moments in Vietnam. cruising in Mekong Delta, Vietnamese noodles in a restaurant, Crawling via Cu-chi tunnels, undertake a kayaking or biking trip are some of the best things which you must try at least once in your life. 

Duration: 6 days and 5 nights.

Package cost(for couple): INR 95,000 and above.

When to visit: September to December.

Visa: Visa is required.


Cambodia is the second-best honeymoon destination in Asia which allows all couples to enjoy their new life under their budget. This is one best place for newlyweds couples and comes under the budget, where they can spend their time with nature and can get the most out of every penny spent and heritage beauty act like magnets for visitors that make it best honeymoon destinations in Asia.

Things to do in Cambodia: If you want to explore nature in southeast Asia, then this is the perfect place for you to spend your honeymoon vacation with your life partner offer The Bayon, enthralling lakes, Angkor Wat Complex and many scenic views. 

Duration: 6 days and 5 nights

Package cost (for couple): Package cost: INR 90,000 and above

When to visit: October to May

Visa: Visa on arrival for 30 days.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is popular for its beautiful little island. It is also popular for honeymoon destinations in Asia. Rainforest, wildlife, incessant yet and rocky land beautiful beaches in Sri Lanka which make it the best honeymoon spot. Vivid and priceless are the cheap honeymoon destinations in Sri Lanka.

Things to do in Sri Lanka: Highest mountain named as Adam’s peaking Sri Lanka and lots of colorful, endless beaches and serene is one of the major attractions amongst couples.

Duration: 6 days/ 5 nights

package cost: INR 90,000

when to visit: December to March

Visa: Electronic Travel Authorization for 30 days


Laos is considered a colorful place in Asia which makes it beautiful and unique honeymoon destinations in Asia. Laos is also popular for lovebirds after their marriage, where couples can spend and enjoy their new day without any problem with full excitement and splendor. All this makes this place as paradise and counted on the top honeymoon destinations in Asia.

Things to do in Sri Lanka: With its gracious residents, Laos is a beautiful destination in combinations with shrines and Buddhist temples, lots of places of interest and mysterious heritage as well.

Duration: 6 night and 7 days

Package cost: INR 90,000 and above

when to visit: All year round

visa: visa on arrival for 30 days


No doubt Thailand is famous for its fun-loving, unusual, tropical refined and historic and budget-friendly honeymoon destinations in Asia with multiple islands and exotic experiences to choose from Thailand.

Things to do: Water sports are a must for the newly marrieds, and the grand palace, the couple feels amazing to explore and don’t forget to relax on some of the best and pristine Thai beaches for comfortable honeymoon time.

Duration: 6 days and 7 nights 

Package cost: INR 80,000 and above

when to visit: July to October

visa: Visa on arrival is available.


A trip to one of the world’s most beautiful island El Nido, Palawan in the Philippines and the most scenic honeymoon destinations in Asia, El Nido allow multiple fun activity for newlywed couples. it is located in the north of Palawan Island of El Nido. You will get a special dining experience that is very special and romantic with your lover. You can visit this beautiful place to see the beautiful place to know why the Philippines are the most romantic places in Asia.

Things to do: Couples can go snorkeling and scuba diving at biscuit bay or they can also enjoy fun activities like mountain biking, sightseeing and island hopping. Boracay Islands, Chocolate Hills, Mayon Volcano, Hanging Coffins, Batad Rice Terraces, Coral Garden.

Duration: 7 days and 6 nights

Package cost: INR 90,000

When to travel: December to February

Visa: No visa.


Nepal is famous for its best budget honeymoon destinations in Asia for those couples who are looking for a vivid culture and heritage. It allows a number of fun activities like hiking, paragliding, trekking, and many more charming tourist attractions and natural resources. The best place to visit in Nepal on a honeymoon is snow-clad peaks, the culture-rich towns, ancient temples, and plenty.

Things To Do:  Hiking, camping, paragliding, trekking, shopping, visiting casinos, and many more.

Duration: 6 days and 5 nights

Package cost:  INR 40,000 only

When to travel: March – June

Visa: No visa required


Are you searching for the best place in Asia? So, why wait for more? Read the above points and select the place to spend the loveliest time with your loved ones. Here are the lists for the best place in Asia with some major details. Here you will get the best place, things to do, which is the best month to visit their, time duration and many more things. If you are planning for your honeymoon in Asia then this will help you to choose the best place for your honeymoon under your budget.

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