Frontier Airlines Check-in Baggage: Fee, Weight, Size, Allowance

Frontier Airlines Check in Baggage

Frontier airlines allow a certain limit of baggage while making frontier airlines reservations. If you have any extra luggage then you need to pay an extra charge to the airlines.

It is mandatory to pay an extra charge if you have a basic fare ticket but if you have an ELITE membership then you need not to pay any extra charge.

Frontier Airlines Check In Baggage Fees

Frontier airlines charge a fee for standard carry on bags and checked bags; these baggage charges are applied only for one way trips

Frontier Carry on allowance

You can carry your personal item for free but you need to pay charges for standard carry on bags.

Frontier airlines have a set of prices of their baggage on their official website we found some prices of their policy which are given below

  • At booking time — 38$
  • Online — 41$
  • Customer care — 55$
  • Web check-in — 43$
  • At Airport airlines counter — 55$

Weight Limit of Check In Baggage of Frontier Airlines

If you are travelling with your child a diaper bag will be allowed and it will be considered as carry-on allowance.

All checked bags have a maximum limit of 23kg (50lb) and it should contain a limit of 158cm dimensions; it is only for one way flight.

Frontier Airlines Check In Baggage Size

Size restrictions:

  • Personal baggage: 18 x 14 x 8 inches (45.72 x 35.56 x 20.32 cm).
  • Standard baggage: 24 x 16 x 10 inches (60.96 x 40.64 x 20.32 cm) and it should not weigh more than 35 pounds (15.88 kg).
  • You have to pay a fee for checked baggage at the time of ticket booking.
  • If you are carrying any sports equipment it might cost you some extra charge you need to pay while booking your ticket.

Policy Or Rules for Check In Baggage of Frontier Airlines

Everything you need to know about baggage rules is given over here please check it out

Carry On Sizes

This includes a medium size bag with dimensions of 10 inch, 16 inch and 24 inch height total weight should be less than 35lb.

Checked Bag Sizes

Make sure that it should not cross 50lb weight while check-in and length, height should be 62.

Personal Bag

You have to carry only one personal bag along with you. This is not mandatory, it is optional and that size should be 8 depth, 18 width and 14 height.

Check In Baggage Allowance of Frontier Airlines

Frontier Airlines allows carry-on bags, checked baggage, sports equipment baggage, smart bags and military personnel bags.

Maximum weight per bag is less than 50lb if you cross that weight it costs you 75$ as an additional fee.

The linear dimension should be up to 62 inches if you cross that again you have to pay an extra 75$.

Bags which weights more than 100lb or larger than 110lb won’t be accepted by the frontier airlines.

You can also pre-pay for your baggage. It saves you 50% of the amount you can pay through their official frontier website or any other third party website.

You can reimburse your baggage fees through some cards which they offer with zero maintenance charge and they provide it without any annual fee.

And you will get one complimentary checked bag you can use whenever you need if you are an elite member of frontier airlines.


Do not forget to check regarding your luggage extra fee otherwise, it may be difficult for you while departing

If you get any issue regarding your baggage you can contact frontier airlines customer care find their number on the official frontier airlines website.


How much does it cost to check a bag on the frontier?

If you are carrying a basic ticket with you then you have to pay for a carry-on bag but if you are a premium member of frontier airlines then you can get a free carry-on bag and one personal item.

How do I check my bags on Frontier Airlines?

You need to follow “BAG DROP” sign in the airport check-in counter they will assist you and you can get the lowest price for your checked bags.

How much does Frontier charge for a checked bag?

For extra baggage, they might charge 75$ additional cost.

Are backpacks free on the frontier?

All the passengers are allowed to carry one free personal bag item like the handbag, mini briefcase, and short bag which should not cross the size more than 14*8*18 and it should be fit under the seat or should be placed at the side.

How do I avoid baggage fees on Frontier Airlines?

If you want to avoid baggage fees then pack only your personal items if you are traveling for only a few days medium size bag might enough, pay for baggage during booking the ticket itself or join the premium membership program of the frontier to avoid baggage fees.

What happens if your suitcase is over the weight limit?

Frontier won’t allow if your suitcase is more than 110 inches we must know all the rules while we are traveling.

What size bag is free on the frontier?

If you have a basic economy class ticket then you can carry one mini bag with 14*8*18 you are allowed to carry only one mini bag.

Does Frontier check bag size?

Yes, not only frontier every airline check bag size while you are traveling it should not exceed the limit which was given by frontier airlines if you want to carry extra luggage then you must have to pay some extra amount.

What is the size of a check in baggage?

Check-in baggage should not exceed the weight of 50lb and 62 length width and breadth you may have to pay some extra charge if you exceed.

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