Planning to book a hotel? Don’t forget to consider these 11 facts

Planning to book a hotel

Travellers in the present day are far more willing to spend money than they were previously. Many of us can now afford nice and pleasant flights at low prices thanks to today’s cheap airlines. Choosing the perfect hotel for our vacations, on the other hand, is not always that simple. There are numerous aspects to consider, and we typically base our judgments on criteria such as trip budget, needs, styles, and geographical location.

Booking a hotel should be a very thoughtful task considering your preferences, the proximity of the hotel to other important points of interest and the amount that should be spent on the stay and food. Proper research must be done in this regard so that once you have reached the hotel, you are satisfied with the arrangements and the overall hospitality provided by the staff.

There have been times when we’ve realised that it didn’t even come close to meeting our expectations, and we wish we’d done more research! To avoid these kinds of issues, always look forward to these 11 facts that should be considered while booking a hotel online.

Check if they provide a free internet connection

The majority of people are unable to cope without access to the internet. They become irritated if the connection is lost. For hotel guests, having access to the internet is important.

The majority of hotels offer free WiFi, though some may charge a nominal fee. There are also a few that only allow a limited number of devices to access the network. Some of the hotels only permit the use of one WiFi code per device.

If having access to the Internet is critical to you, make sure to inquire about it before making your appointment.

Location of the hotel and nearby facilities

It will be a complete disaster to stay at a hotel that is terribly located, making it nearly impossible to walk to any nearby tourist destination. If you stay in a hotel that is located outside of the city, it may become an issue because you will spend so much time just commuting. It is always a good idea to double-check the actual location of the hotel you are considering.

Despite the fact that most hotel booking sites provide just extremely basic explanations of their hotels’ locations, many of them also give an online map for the convenience of all customers. Before paying the amount, double-check the hotel’s actual location the next time you book a room. You will be able to spend less money on transportation and spend less time on the road in this manner.

Complimentary breakfast provisions

It is preferable to choose a hotel that includes a complimentary breakfast. This can also help you save money on breakfast. Getting breakfast at the hotel where you are staying can save you time and money.

Some hotels may let you skip breakfast in exchange for a lower accommodation fee. But, if a room with free breakfast is only a dollar more expensive than one without, why not choose the one that satisfies your empty stomach first thing in the morning? After all, eating breakfast in a restaurant outside of your hotel could cost you a lot more money.

The design and the size of the hotel room

Different people have distinct tastes. On hotel booking and review sites, some consumers complain about room sizes. While size isn’t the most significant factor to consider when booking a hotel, it does have an impact on your vacation experience. The size of a hotel room must be considered whether it is a cheap or a 4-star hotel.

A hotel should be comfy as well. It should not be considered a hotel if it is not even comfortable! Always put your priorities first and don’t compromise on them.

Always examine the hotel’s family-friendly regulations if you’re travelling with children. These days, there are many great offers for families to take advantage of. If you come across some, don’t let them go, because you can save some money by fishing those deals. Budget hotels are frequently avoided by families vacationing together. Because they always want the best experience for their family vacations.

Discounts while booking online

When travelling, loyalty schemes are also useful. There are often some interesting offers available, such as a free night on your next trip (in any hotel) if you stay in one of the booking site’s hotels. It’s definitely worth looking online for such bonus discounts.

Using coupons and promo codes to book a hotel isn’t a big problem. However, there are still limitations while enjoying the discounts. It is up to the customer to take advantage of fantastic hotel bargains on a regular basis. For example, if you are booking hotels via Intermiles, you get loyalty points called ‘Miles’, which you can use to get discounts during your next journey.

Customer Feedback on booking sites

The reviews are always helpful, even if they aren’t always correct. A few disgruntled travellers will always submit negative evaluations simply because they are unpleasant and demanding. They can make a decent hotel look like the worst place on the planet.

However, it is on sites like these that tourists can obtain essential information such as bike rentals, tours, and so on. You can create a discussion thread and ask people about a specific hotel to learn more about their amenities. Getting responses to your questions is much easier now than it was previously.

While the reviews are very helpful for making an online hotel booking decision, always double-check the facilities by calling the hotel if you are unsure.

Free toiletries and other room facilities

Imagine having to complete your work in bed since you didn’t have a table in your hotel room! Check the booking sites to see if such things are stated. Many clients fail to read the fine print, and as a result, they end up in serious problems. It should be a basic requirement for any hotel to provide adequate toiletries including soap, shampoo, toothpaste and a bath towel in every room irrespective of the package selected by the customer.

That is why it is usually a good idea to contact the hotel ahead of time to find out what to expect. If you have any questions concerning breakfast, toiletries, amenities, or services, don’t be afraid to inquire. You’ll have fewer unpleasant surprises if you do this.

Filtering the hotels based on the facilities, food, star ratings and popularity is a good thing, since you can have an idea regarding the expected hospitality.

Flexible rules for the people with special demands

Some visitors have specific accommodation requirements. If you’re travelling with a pet, for example, you’ll need to book a pet-friendly hotel. Alternatively, if you have a physical limitation, you will require a hotel with a lift or an elevated toilet seat. When travelling, safety is always a priority, so search for the amenities you need when booking a hotel.

The good news is that many hotels provide such services, even for corporate gatherings and conferences.

Check whether it provides value for your money

No one wants to overpay for a hotel room, considering the facilities offered by them. As a result, it’s understandable that good value for money is a key consideration when reviewing a hotel stay.

You shouldn’t be concerned about breaking your budget on a hotel stay, but it should be a memorable experience! This is why value for money remains an important factor while booking hotels online.

Hotels that are more expensive are not always better than hotels that are less expensive, and a cheap hotel room is not necessarily a terrible hotel room. So, before you reserve a hotel stay, see what others have to say about it. They will probably say if it was worth the money or not.

The behaviour of the hotel staff

It was surprising because one of the top things to check for when choosing a hotel was employee friendliness. Even though having polite and helpful hotel employees is welcomed, no one expected this to come in second on the list of qualities people look for in a hotel.

More than any of the hotel’s amenities, guests value the hotel’s staff’s friendliness.

The fact that staff friendliness is so vital to guest pleasure demonstrates that, as social beings, we enjoy being greeted with a smiling face and a chat. It makes us feel at ease and included in the group.

Cleaning and timely room service

A clean hotel and a clean hotel room are by far the most significant factors for travellers.

When guests discover mould in the shower, urine stains on the toilet seat, or a dead cockroach under the bed, it ruins their vacation at those hotels!

After a day of exploring, nothing beats returning home to a lovely, comfy hotel room. Another important aspect is the timely room service. There are possibilities that someone among your group might have vomiting or nausea during the stay, mostly due to drastic changes in climate or the food.

In such cases, timely housekeeping services and a visiting doctor on call is very much appreciated – though the latter is usually found only in five-star hotels.

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