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Trekkopedia is a well-known travel brand and caters to luxury services to our customers while traveling. The company believes in helping our customers as far as possible and that is the reason we are providing a liberal cancellation policy. Trekkopedia has connections with many airline companies allowing travelers to distant places without any problem. Looking for flight cancellation information then Trekkopedia site will help you to access every information on flights.

There are two situations on cancellation

Airlines cancel flights due to some issues like - traffic delays, bad weather, fog conditions, technical problems. When the passenger itself cancels his/her booking of its trip because of an emergency. At this time our travel agents will try their best to refund your money back. We also provide offers, discounts for last-minute cancellation and advanced bookings. Our agency working 24/7 for the benefit of the customers and looking for their needs and preference to satisfy 100%. We charge no fees for cancellation or refund. If you want to ask any information regarding services such as baggage policy, flight change, pet policy, etc you may call our organization and solve your query faster.

Flight change

Seriously! This is something very painful when you planned the trip of your choice with your loved ones and suddenly you got stuck with something or you got some important meeting in the office and you have to change your ticketed flights. And the worst part is that you don't have a refundable ticket. There are two ways that you can change the flight date and timing. First, you can call the customer care staff. secondly, go to the official website of the airlines and make changes. Except for these two long procedures you just simply visit our website and get all the flight changes the latest information. Its trekkopedia's guarantee that after going through our guidelines and policy you will not have to pay single money on flight change. Our company will give you the information which you are looking for. 

Rules you should keep in mind

  • Tickets that you book should be non-refundable that means you cannot change the passenger's name, or give your ticket to some other 
  • Tickets cannot be changed with another airline
  • if the cost of the new ticket is less as compared to your older one then you will not get any fare difference refund. 

Baggage knowledge 

Nowadays there are certain limitations regarding luggage weight which is strictly monitored. Airlines have made the rules for how many bags you may check-in. These rules vary according to frequent flyer status and the route in which you are going to fly. If you are flying with the airline and you don't have the knowledge of luggage policy then you will be going to face a lot of trouble. The excess baggage rate depends on the individual destination. The excess baggage will be charged at the applicable local rates. There are many countries that may impose extra restrictions or prohibitions on carrying certain specific items if you are flying to or from on such countries so make sure you have all the information related to restrictions of the luggage. Passengers are not required to put any kind of money, jewelry, metal, silverware, negotiable papers, or other valuable items like - electronic devices, cameras, business documents, passports or other documents samples in their check-in baggage. In case your journey involves multiples airline partners then keep in mind that the baggage rules may vary.  For international travelers, the luggage is largely protected by rules and regulations such as the Montreal Convention. Trekkopedia travel agency has a direct connection with many major airline industries so you will get instant information on our website. 

Pet Booking 

Are you planning for a vacation with your pet? It's not every single day you have to book a flight for your pet, that is why this is the most tricky part of your move. There are many airlines which restrict that do not allow pets to fly. So in those situations what will you do? what do you expect from the airlines after discussing your pet? Now you do not need to be worry there are almost 80% airlines that have updated new policies for the pets to travel in the flight.

what are the pet travel options?
  • checked baggage - Your pet can travel along with you on the same flight as checked baggage. Due to the health and safety rules if the overall weight of your container or pets increases then your pet will travel in cargo. 
  • Cargo - There is more than $500 in the cargo department but if you choose to carry your pet in the luggage then there are no charges.

Airline Customer service 

Airline customer service gives customer support to travellers with everything from purchasing tickets and getting the answers about flight seat arrangements with managing special needs. We also give great importance and provide passengers with quick access to any information about the flights and services that they need to know.  Whether you are looking for baggage lost information, booking or cancellation, deals or discounts then our travel agents handle questions and a special request from airline customer service and also may sell tickets. Trekkopedia service agents cover every individual traveling easier and comfortable. We provide the world-best services in every area providing customer satisfaction.

Airline Customer support 

If you are planning your exciting trip and looking for discounts and deals the Trekkopedia will give you every helpful information. Airline customer support is available 24/7 for the passengers by saving your time and make you satisfy your enjoyable trip. Passengers facing any technical issues and other glitches while reservation or tickets bookings are the most irritating part if you want to avoid this call the airline customer support and get the instant solution of your query. Trekkopedia company book the tickets easily and hassle-free. Because we know that comfort and satisfaction are the two important concerns in the airlines, so we try our best to make you feel as comfortable as the way you want. If you book with us you will also get a bonus reward for your next trip. So make your experience of flying in the sky with trekkopedia the world's best traveling carrier.